1 - Does it rain daily in low season?

The answer is no. Low Season is not the same as our rainy season. The low season in Costa Rica starts slightly after Easter Week each year and that means lower tourist numbers in Costa Rica, better deals and emptier beaches and National Parks, but it does not mean that we will have rain every day. There is a rainy season in each destination of the country and the period depends on the region. Normally it means that we can expect great sunny mornings and some refreshing rain showers in the afternoon. But consider – the rainforest would not be as green and lush without a little rain. Check back with us on weather conditions for your travel period upon booking, but do not get scared off by online weather forecasts.

2 - What are the restrictions I need to consider travelling to Costa Rica?

We like everyone to get to know the beautiful country of Costa Rica. However, this will not happen if you have to cancel your stay last minute, because of visa or passport issues. It is really important for you to check far in advance on the expiration date of your passport which should be valid for at least 6 month starting from the date you enter Costa Rica. Also, please check on the requirements of your home country to enter Costa Rica to avoid any last minute surprises for example regarding necessary immunization.

3 - What to pack & what you better leave at home!

4 - What currency must I bring?

The USD is widely accepted in Costa Rica, so there is no need to get the local currency Colon before you arrive. There are ATM´s available in Quepos and Manuel Antonio to get cash and also credit cards are widely accepted including VISA, MasterCard as well as AMEX. We suggest you exchange money either before your journey begins at a bank in your home country or upon arrival in a local bank. It is not recommended to exchange money at the airport as the exchange rate is not favorable.

5 - Will we see wildlife at the resort during our stay?

Yes, absolutely. GAIA is nestled into its very own Nature Reserve which does not just host the reintroduction program of scarlet macaws, but also attracts a wide range of animals including the three monkey species: white faced monkeys, howler monkeys and squirrel monkeys, two-toed- and three toed sloths, iguanas, raccoons and a wide range of bird species. We cannot promise that you will be able to see all of the listed animals, but there is a good chance you will.

6 - Is there a dress code at the hotel?

No, not all. Our concept is “Barefoot Luxury”. As such, leisure and comfortable clothing is just fine considering the tropical warm climate.

7 - What bathroom amenities are provided?

Your reservation includes luxurious and organically produced bathroom amenities like shampoo, conditioner, body and facial soap. These items you will not have to bring with you. At our front desk you can also inquire for tooth paste, tooth brush, razor/ shaving kit and sewing kit. Our bathrooms also provide hair dryer.

8 - Do we need a converter for our electrical devices?

Our outlets are US standard. Depending your country of origin please consider if you need to bring a converter or not. We will have some converters available at the front desk.

9 - Does the room have a safety box?

Yes, all our rooms provide a safety box which is large enough to store a regular sized laptop, a camera etc.

10 - Is the hotel non-smoking?

Yes, we are a non-smoking hotel and smoking is prohibited by Costa Rican law in all public areas which include our guest rooms. A $100.00 fee per day will be charged for smoking in a room. We do have one assigned smoking area on the rooftop-terrace of our La Luna Restaurant available for smokers.

11 - Adults-only? Starting what age do you allow children at GAIA?

GAIA Hotel & Reserve is an adults- and teenager only property and we allow children from the age of 13 years. Please note that due to the arquitecture with staircases and a 3-tiered infinity pool our facilities are not suitable for younger children. We are glad to assist with recommendation for other properties in the area that are great family hotel options.

12 - Can you accommodate dietary restriction?

Yes, absolutely. We provide a full vegan and gluten-free menu to accommodate the major restrictions and dietary preferences. Please note that you can even inquire about a specific dish which might not be listed. If we have the ingredients available we may be able to accommodate your wish.

13 - What are the easiest ways to get from the airport to GAIA?

There are many options to travel from the international airport of San Jose to GAIA or from any other destination in Costa Rica. We have listed you the main option on the page: Location. Feel free to contact us with your pick up location or flight information to assist you with options specifically available to your agenda and a price quote. Email: reservations@coralcr.com

14 - What is the best way to get around in Manuel Antonio?

GAIA Hotel & Reserve is one of the few hotels in the area to provide a shuttle service daily from 7:30am to 4:00pm to its guests on complimentary basis to the National Park and the public beach of Manuel Antonio. Besides, the public bus has a bus stop right at the entrance of our property and the cost is approximately $0.70 per person per ride. We can also assist and call a taxi for you. No matter where you go to in Manuel Antonio or Quepos you should usually expect to be charged between $6.00 to $8.00 per ride.

15 - Do you have a room for physically challenged guests?

Yes, we do. Our Jungle View Suite offers all comfort and provides for all requirements for guests with walking limitations or wheel-chairs. Please contact us in advance to check availability in this specific room category.

16 - How far is the hospital?

The hospital of Quepos is located just at the outskirts of the area which is an estimated 10 minutes’ drive.

17 - How would I get a doctor if I were to need one?

If you feel you would like to see a doctor during your stay with us please only ask our front desk. We do have a medical center available on call 24/7. All international health insurances are accepted.

18 - Do you recommend travel insurance and why?

Yes, absolutely. Please consider that GAIA is a small boutique hotel and our cancellation policies are strict. There are situations that are out of control like a last minute work emergency or health situation. It is always recommendable to insure a vacation especially when you choose with us promotional rates or package deals which benefit the majority of our bookings. Upon reserving, we will send you further information.

19 - What are standard tipping procedures in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica for restaurant and bar services a 10% service charge is already added to your final bill by law. All our services like spa treatments, transportation, excursions and other do not require a mandatory tip. It is up to your discretion if you like.

20 - Does GAIA offer an all-inclusive plan?

No, GAIA does not offer an all-inclusive plan. However, your reservation will include a variety of luxurious amenities. Check Amenities for the complete information.

21 - Is there laundry service available at the resort?

Indeed GAIA offers different laundry services. You will find the price list and the laundry bag in your closet. The service will not take more than 24 hours.

22 - How far is it from the resort to the National Park and beaches?

The hotel is located a short 7 minute drive from the National Park Manuel Antonio and the public beach. We offer a complimentary shuttle service daily from 7:30am to 4:00pm.

23 - What is there to do in the area?

The main attraction and landmark in Manuel Antonio is known for the beautiful National Park and has the impressive biodiversity in the entire country. Besides, hiking the National Park which is a must on everyone’s to do list during their first visit, the area offers a wide variety of adventures and excursions. Please review Activities for all available options and tour descriptions.

24 - Is there a phone number to leave with family/friends to contact us in an emergency?

Yes, we suggest to provide our toll-free number. Once your family or friends call, we will transfer them to your room. Toll free number: 1-800-226-2515

25 - Do you provide high-speed internet at GAIA?

Absolutely! At Gaia we provide you with complimentary WIFI in all guest rooms and public areas. We also provide two stationary computer in our front desk if you need to print out documents and have left your own at home. We have technical support on staff.

26 - Can I bring my dog to GAIA Hotel & Reserve?

GAIA is one of the very view hotels in the area of Manuel Antonio that is pet-friendly. We allow small breed dogs, however contact us with the exact information and we will assist you. A deposit of $100.00 is due at check-in which will be reimbursed if no damage occurred in the room.

27 - Do you provide parking?

Indeed, GAIA provides secure and complimentary parking at the entrance of the property.

28 - What measures has your property taken regarding COVID-19?

Why consider our hotel and nature reserve for your next holiday? Gaia was naturally designed for privacy and by definition, social distancing.

We are a small boutique 5-star luxury hotel on 15 acres of pristine jungle. The design and layout of our hotel is conducive to natural separation of guests. Privacy has always been one of our ultimate goals.  So much so, that we have no long hallways papered with rooms and rooms; to reach your room the most you will pass will be two room and only one room in more than eighty percent of the cases.

Our restaurant has a capacity of 75 guests of which we will only accommodate 25-30 guests for the proper social distancing. Tables are separated in a huge open floor plan. Our rooms, of which we only have 22, are spread out over 3 buildings with 2 pools to accommodate guests and 3 additional wading pools with 5 resting/tanning areas around the pools.  Our spa facilities have 8 treatment rooms which are segregated and private.

You can be assured of coming to a country which has had minimal reported hospitalizations with no cases at all in our neck of the woods. A country where medical tourism is at the forefront of why people come to Costa Rica in the first place.


Regarding COVID-19, we are following measures and recommendations indicated by the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica, in order to safeguard the health of all that within our property; from collaborators, suppliers, and, of course, our honored guests. In order to protect everyone in Gaia, the following measures are being applied:


1. All our collaborators comply with the hygienic measures established by the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica. Taking this into account, all employees are supplied materials to disinfect and clean at all times, such as gloves and masks which will be changed periodically, as each chore is concluded, thus reducing greatly any risk of infection.
At the moment that an employee has contact with a guest, direct or indirect, they will have protection and disinfectant material, thus protecting you, our guest. The company will carry out a daily control on the employees, checking their temperature, in case of any irregularity, it will be immediately sent to the nearest health center to proceed with the protocol established by the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica in case of suspicious cases. of COVID-19.

2. Gaia Hotel & Reserve is committed to following guidelines necessary, and thus, we will provide our guests face masks, hand washing sinks and alcohol gel in all the common areas of the property, hence, with individual responsibility, the objective of protecting all who could share the Gaia environment will be achieved.

3. In relation to the transport service, both in our golf carts and in our vans, a process of cleaning and disinfection of seats and armrests will be carried out with each change of guests. In addition, for golf carts used for internal transportation, we have decided not to mix unrelated guest groups.

4. Our rooms are subject to rigorous cleaning by our housekeeper department, who will have all the necessary protection, cleaning, and disinfection equipment. Each room that has been occupied and is no longer occupied will undergo a deep and thorough cleaning process to ensure the health of the guests that occupy it in the future. Additionally, sorry but we have decided that the visit of external clients to the rooms is prohibited, due to the potential problem that this may cause.

5. Our La Luna Restaurant will require daily reservations in order to ensure space at our facility. This policy will guarantee a distance of two meters of social distancing whether waiting or having dinner at La Luna.

6. Our Terra Spa will require prior reservation for any appointment, treatments are performed in private rooms which will be disinfected after each service. Both the therapist and the client must use a mask, in addition, the therapist will proceed with the service with gloves.

7. Our Gym is available to all guests and the equipment will be used respecting a distance of two meters between guests. The equipment will be disinfected before the client makes use of it, as well as afterward, please notify us at the end of the routine and indicate to us the equipment used.

8. Our tour of the Nature Reserve Gaia will be limited to a maximum of 6 people or a family unit if it has more than 6 people in order to maintain an adequate distance between each guest group. Additionally, it is recommended that any tour contracted through us or third parties, comply with the recommended social distancing guidelines.

9. Our pools are distributed in five separate areas perfectly suited for social distancing. Our reading/sunbathing areas have a distance of two meters from one group of guests to the other.