Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio, on Costa Rica´s Central Pacific Coast is known for its key landmark – the Manuel Antonio National Park which features rugged rainforest, white-sand beaches and has the most impressive biodiversity in the entire country. From three-toed- and two-toed sloths, to three monkey species and hundreds of bird species this national park impresses with a vast variety of wildlife and tropical plants.

Besides the National Park, Manuel Antonio offers 19 of Costa Rica´s 22 signature activities. Which adventure are you adding to your agenda? Download PDF

Chocolate, Coffee & Spices Tour

A tour where you will be able to be in contact with nature and acquire knowledge about a wide variety of spices such as Cocoa, Coffee, Pepper, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Ginger, Jamaica, Clove and many more. In addition, you’ll learn about the processes that are carried out to take these spices from plant to table, such as planting, maintenance, harvesting of the products and nutritional data. During the tour, you will also enjoy tasting of the spices and food products at different stages.

Includes: Transportation, Guide, Water, Fruits, Tastings
Available pick up times: 8:00 am and 1:00 pm
What to bring: Tennis or close shoes, bugs spray, camera, and comfortable clothes

Guided Tour of the National Park

Manuel Antonio is home to the most visited National Park in Costa Rica and ranked one of the Top 12 National Parks in the World by Forbes Magazine in 2011. This park is famous for its amazing Fauna and Flora. Within a short walk you will have the opportunity to see three species of monkeys, two species of sloth, and a large variety of wild life. A visit to the park during your stay in Manuel Antonio is a must-do!

Includes: Transportation and towels provided by GAIA, bilingual guide and water
Available pick up times: During high season, the tour is available from Monday to Saturday at 8:00 am (closed on Tuesdays), and Sundays at 12:00 pm. From September 01st through November 09th, the tour will be offered only on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
What to bring: We recommend sunscreen, camera, hiking shoes, bathing suit and towels

GAIA’s Private Nature Reserve Hike

The nature reserve at GAIA is land set aside for the conservation of local species as two-toed- and three toed sloths, three monkey species, raccoons, iguanas and a variety of bird species. It also hosts the reintroduction program of the Scarlet Macaw which is sponsored by GAIA and government-supervised. You will learn everything about the program led by our certified naturalist guide.

Includes: Professional guide
Available pick up times: 4:00pm daily except on Tuesday
What to bring: We recommend hiking shoes, insect repellent, water

Canopy Zip lines

Glide through the trees of the tropical Costa Rican rainforest with the sound of howler monkeys in the background! Experience this adventure to the fullest as the tour operator provides the newest and safest equipment in the Manuel Antonio area.

Includes: Transportation, a meal, tropical fruits, and water
Available pick up times: 7:30 am, 10:00 am, del 15 de noviembre al 15 de mayo also available at 12:30pm
What to bring: We recommend shorts, tennis shoes or strapped sandals, camera and sunscreen.

All-Terrain Vehicle Tour

Start your engine and let the adventure begin! This tour of approximately 4 1/2 to 5 hours total duration, takes you over mountain streams, passing through teak plantations, African palms and other local farmlands along the Rio Cañas all the way to splash at the end in a natural waterfall to cool off.

Includes: Transportation, guide, breakfast or lunch, driving instructions & helmet
Available pick up times: 7:30am, 10:30am & 1:00pm (only high season)
What to bring: Wear long pants and comfortable hiking shoes, as the tour involves some walking to the waterfalls. Take your swim wear if you like to enjoy the waterfall pools.

Guided Hike of the Rainmaker Reserve

This tour begins with a river walk along the Rio Seco’s edge. Hand rails and easy to follow footpaths along with observation platforms and hanging bridges allowing you to observe waterfalls and capture the rich biodiversity this unique site has to offer. At the end of the walk a pristine waterfall pool will beckon you to enjoy a refreshing dip.

Includes: Transportation, Naturalist Guide, Entrance to the Park, Lunch and Water
Available pick up times: 7:30 am
What to bring: We recommend shorts, tennis shoes or strapped sandals, camera and sunscreen, insect repellent, bathing suit and a towel if you like to swim

Catamaran Dolphin Watch & Snorkel Tour

Sail down the coastline of the Manuel Antonio beaches and National Park and experience Dolphins in their natural habitat. Afterwards get refreshed and experience colorful fish species by snorkeling in the secluded bay of Biezans followed by a delicious and typical Costa Rican meal back on board.

Includes: Transportation, bilingual guides, drinks, a light lunch or dinner & snorkeling equipment.
Available pick up times: 8:30 am and 1:30 pm (during high season)
What to bring: bathing suit, towel, camera, hat, and sunscreen

Surfing lessons

Beach, Sun and the Surf´s up! The Manuel Antonio beach offers perfect conditions to learn how to ride a surfboard and depending on the tides offers as well great settings for more experienced surfers.

Includes: Transportation, water, rash guard and an experienced, bilingual surf instructor
Available pick up times: Departure times depend on tides, your private concierge or our front desk will assist you to schedule your lesson.
What to bring: bathing suit, towel, camera, hat, and sunscreen

Farmers market

Every Friday afternoon we invite you to a cultural walk to learn about the history of Quepos and enjoy the local and lively Farmer´s market on the waterfront of the village. Taste exotic fruits and other local specialties.

Includes: Transportation, bilingual guide, refreshments and food samples
Available pick up times: 5:00pm on Friday only (takes around 1.5 hours)
What to bring: Wear a comfortable walking shoe and apply sun block.

White Water Rafting

Hold on to your paddle while you take waves of class III rapids and the adrenaline pumps. This tour is for adventuresome beginners or experienced rafters. The Savegre River will take you along canyons, waterfalls and through the tropical primary rainforest of Costa Rica. As relaxing end point you will be able to visit the pools of a natural waterfall if you did not yet enjoy enough water splashes. Also inquire your Private Concierge about tours on the Naranjo River as alternative.

Includes: Transportation, bilingual guide, refreshments and food samples
Available pick up times: 7:45 am or 11:30 am
What to bring: Wear a swimming suit, shorts of quick drying material, towels, sun screen, a set of clothes to change, rubber soled shoes (no sandals or flip flops!)

Horseback Riding

Saddle up and ride along the mountains of La Gallega through the lush tropical rainforest with beautiful views and a natural waterfall as end-point. Each tour is customized based on the groups riding experience. (Private tours are available upon request)

Includes: Transportation (45 minutes’ drive), bilingual guide, 2 hours riding time and a typical meal
Available pick up times: 7:30 am as well as 1:30 pm during high season only.
What to bring: Bring a hat, sunscreen, your camera, swimsuit and dry clothes to change. Wear long pants and closed shoes

Chocolate Making Workshop by Mamá Cacao

Mamá Cacao is a small-batch, artisan, Costa Rican chocolate company founded by Juliet Davey. Besides the deliciousness of her chocolates, Mamá Cacao offers hands-on chocolate making workshops. Using ethically-sourced, organic and local cacao beans, you are guided through a hands on chocolate experience where you get to learn, smell, taste, & compare. From roasting cacao beans to making your own fresh truffles this workshop is for anyone with an appreciation of fine-quality chocolate.

Duration:    2 hours
Available from December 1st 2017
Check for availability.
Classes begin at 2:30pm or inquire with reception about an alternative time.

Butterfly & Reptile Gardens

A Wildlife Refuge serving as great example of sustainable development researching and developing nature exhibits to help reproduce local species in danger of extinction, including orchids, bromeliads, reptiles (including caimans and crocodiles), and various butterfly species.

Includes: Guides are available in English and Spanish.
Available pick up times: Subject to availability.
What to bring: We recommend sunscreen, hiking shoes or sandals, long pants, insect repellent, binoculars & camera

Mangrove Boat or Kayak Tour

Explore the canals of the Damas Island Mangrove forest, a fascinating eco-system a short distance from GAIA. Choose to cruise by boat or kayak and experience white-faced monkeys, caimans, sloths, snakes, and tropical water bird species. (Private tours can be arranged upon request)

Includes: Transportation, guide, equipment, life vests and lunch or dinner.
Available pick up times: Departures for the mangrove boat or kayak tour depend on the tide. Please consult your Personal Concierge. The tour takes an average of 4 hours.
What to bring: We recommend sunscreen, waterproof camera, insect repellent & tennis shoes or closed sandals.

Isla de Caño Snorkel Tour

Famous for having Costa Rica’s largest concentration of coral-building organisms along the Pacific Ocean, Caño Island Biological Reserve plays host to schools of tangs, jacks and needlefish, boring sponges, diadem sea urchins, sea cucumbers, crustaceans, parrot fish, puffers, damselfish, large schools of barracudas, tunas, and moray eels that present an ever-changing panorama to those who venture below the surface for some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in Costa Rica. Snorkelers and divers spend hours below the ocean’s surface investigating the variety of life found among the Porites and Pocillopora coral reefs.

Includes: Tour of Isla de Caño, Transfer in Boat, Entrances, Fruits and drinks, Lunch, Tour Guide and Insurance
Available pick up times: 6:00am and drop-off at 6:00pm (the cost of the transportation is separate)
What to bring: Sunscreen, Bathing Suit, Towel, Sunglasses, Waterproof Camera, Sandals, and a Hat to cover from the Sun

Jet Ski

A speedy and fun tour! Spend approximately 2 hours touring the small islands and the coastline of the Manuel Antonio National Park. You can also stop for swimming and snorkeling at the secluded bay of Playa Biezans. This tour fulfills all safety requirements and provides brand-new equipment.

Includes: Transportation, bilingual guide, life-vest, snorkeling equipment, refreshments and fruits
Available pick up times: 7:30 am, 10:30 am with additional departures at 1:30 pm during high season only.
What to bring: We recommend sunscreen, swimsuit, towel, dry clothes and waterproof camera

Sport fishing

Enjoy fresh-water, salt-water, offshore or inshore fishing all available from Quepos. No matter if experienced or newbie with the right crew you will have a fantastic experience. The waters of Quepos are some of the richest you can encounter. Offshore Dorado or tuna are common catches while the list for inshore fishing could include rainbow runners, snooks, snappers sierra and chub mackerel and much more.

Includes: Boats are fully equipped with light and heavy tackle, full electronics and a six person max occupancy. Lunch, snacks, water, soft drinks and beer during the charter are provided.
Available pick up times: 7:00 am
What to bring: Sun block, hat, sunglasses, long shirt to protect you from the sun, towels (provided by GAIA), money to pay for fishing license at the Marina.
*A separate fee per person is charged for the fishing license

Private Yacht Rental

A personalized and exclusive experience. Charter your private yacht for your family, to surprise your partner with a unforgettable trip or share a spectacular day with friends. You can choose between morning, afternoon or sunset excursions and add on optional basis paragliding, paddle boarding, fishing or a private chef service

Includes: Depends on tour package you choose – every rental is a completely personalized experience
What to bring: Sun block, hat, sunglasses, long shirt to protect you from the sun, towels (provided by GAIA), swim suit

Manuel Antonio Bee Tour

At Manuel Antonio Bee Farm tour the visitors will have the opportunity to get to know several species of the native stingless bees, as well as the bee specie “Apis mellifera”. All species that are located in our natural reserve are essential for pollinenization of flowers and we work conscientiously to prevent the extinction of these precious insects. In the same time we produce 100 % natural honey products and cosmetics in harmony with the bee’s natural habitat at our bee farm.

Includes: Pick up / drop off at hotel, equipment, bilingual guides, fruits & water
What to bring: Shorts, Tennis shoes, Camera and Sunscreen.